File No. PV2051

 (2) 7.3m x 2.44m Polaris Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB)
(1) 7mx 3m Zodiac Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)
  • These three 12 passenger RIB have been well maintained (maintenance records are available)
  • Safety Equipment: as required for a small craft between 5.5 & 6 metres
  •  Helmsman station offers a stand up helm position. Equipment includes engine, steering   controls, magnetic compass, VHF radio & radar
  •  Engine is located in a closed covered compartment at aft end on which is installed the helmsman station.
  •  Passengers are seated on the RIB tube and on a central seat box
  •  Inflatable tub is made of Hypalon 44 ox  (Tube is subdivided in 6 air chambers)
  •  Deep V planing hull is glass reinforced plastic
  •  Net/Reg tonnage: Less than 5 tons
  •  Used: Whale observation excursions
  • Fuel capacity: 50 gal (stainless steel tank)
  •  Power: Volvo Penta TAMD 41P – 200 hp
  •  In mint  condition
  •  Zodiac RIB – inflatable tube changed in 2010
  • Each Polaris RIB built in 1991
  •  Crew: 1
  •  Passenger capacity: 12 passengers
  •  1 – made by Zodiac
  •  2 – made by Polaris
  • 3 available
  • Located in Quebec, Canada
  • Present approximate market value of each Polaris RIB: $80,000 CDN
  • Possible remaining life expectancy: 15 years
  •  (Dependingon the sailing and maintenance program)
  •  Estimated replacement value: $180,000 CDN each
  • Present approximate market value of Zodiac RIB: $75,000 CDN
  • Possible remaining life expectancy:  10 to 15 years
  •  (Depending on the sailing and maintenance program)
  • Estimated replacement value: $180,000 CDN
  •  Price of Polaris and Zodiac RIB –  $63,000 CDN each or $157,500 CDN for all three RIB

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