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Complete Jet Boat Rides Operation

The only company authorized to operate in a unique area of NewBrunswick, Canada
It is unique, educative, fun and thrilling.  A “MUST DO” in New Brunswick
3 Jet boats, 2 Hydro Bronks
Docks, office & deck, safety equipment
Inventory for gift shop
Established web site
10 years of publicity, marketing & goodwill

The Principal activities are:
1.    The Thrill Ride ( 2 jetboats): Ride the rapids on board specially designed Jet Boats
2.     The Sightseeing Tour (1 jet boat): A relaxingtour of the river and harbour
3.    The Bubble (2 hydroBonk): You run the white water rapids and whirlpools in a 10 foot pneumatic ball
4.    Ice Cream Counter:  Selling hard ice cream and snacks
5.    Gift Shop:  Selling souvenirs, clothing and gifts to customers


1. Aluminum Jet Boat #1
25’ x 10’ xdepth 4’ x draft 20”
Gross tonnage:4.0 tons
Nettonnage:  1.0 tons
Built inMontreal, Quebec in 1996
Shellplating – ¼” aluminum
Powered bytwo Cat 3116/3126 – 300 hp each
C/wtwo Kodiak Jet Drives – Model 303
Cruisingspeed: 25 knots
Safety equipment:  yes

2.    Aluminum Jet Boat #2
24’ x 9’ x depth 4’ x draft 14”
Gross tonnage: 4.6 tons
Net tonnage: 2.3 tons
Built in Plessis, New York in 1998
Powered by one Cat 3126 – 420 hp
C/w Kodiak Jet Drive – Model 403
Hours: 1500
Hydraulic steering
Cruising speed: 25 knots
Safety equipment: yes

3.    Aluminum Jet Boat #3
33’ x 11’ x depth 4’ x draft 16”
Gross tonnage: 4.5 tons
Net tonnage: 3.38 tons
Built in Vancouver, BC in 1975
Refitted in 1998
Shell plating 3/8”
Powered by 6V92 Detroit Diesel – 450 hp – year 1988
C/w Jet Drive Jacuzzi – Model 13NM
Hours: 1800
Cruising speed: 25 knots
Two hydraulic stations
Safety equipment: yea

4.    Bubbles:
2 Hydro Bronks – 10 foot pneumatic ball where customeris harnessed inside and walks the rapids.

5.    Docks:
135’ x 6’ of floating ramp with a platform of 28’ x26’ to dock three boats with aluminum handrails all around.  The floats are aluminum with Styrofoaminside and the decking is cedar.

6.    Office & decks:
A 40’ x 12’ trailer is the office and contains thereception area, the Ice Cream corner and the Gift Shop corner.  It also has a staff corner with washer &dryer & a small office.
Big decks to welcome and dress the guests are allaround the office.  There are changingrooms & toilet facilities also.  Thedecks surface is approx. 500 sq. ft.

7.    Containers:
One 40’ x 10’ container for all mechanical parts andone 20’ x 10’ container for the guest equipment.

8.    Mechanical Parts:
The 40’ x 10’ container full of mechanical parts for theboats & tools to maintain the boats and facilities.  No tools included.

9.    Equipment:
The 20’ x 10’ container is full of gears (over 200),life jackets (over 48), tents, towels, gloves & socks etc for the guests

10. Inventory:
Clothing and gift inventoryfor the Gift shop

11. Web Site:
With the years the company developed a web site whichreceived 1300 visits in the last month of December 2003.  The visits increase with seasonapproaching.  The web site is linked onthe principal tourism web sites.

12. Marketing & Publicity:
2004 publicity has been bought in the principalbrochures and magazines- including maps, city guides.  This company distributes its own brochures in all New BrunswickVisitor Information Centres.  Publicityhas been bought on several web sites.

For 10 years the owners have been servicing touristsvisiting in this area of New Brunswick from around theworld.  They serve the major touroperators (Jonview, Air Miles, Gray Line, etc) to serve the FIT& Group market and for 5 years now they are serving the Cruise Ship  industry.  Among others, the owners serve RoyalCaribbean Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line.

The name is well known in New Brunswick and in the tourism business. Over the past 10 years the ownershave done a lot of TV shows, their business has been featured in different magazines, publicationsand newspapers.  Their guests come fromall around the world.
Their name means: fun, thrill, excitement and also quality ofproduct and a memory of a life time.  The reputation of this owner and thiscompany will assure the new owner revenue for the years to come.

Location: New Brunswick,Canada

Price $590,000 CDN for the entire business.

The present owners arewilling to help the new owner to get starter.

Please contact us for further information  sms@scrutonmarine.com
Scruton Marine Services   Phone519-583-1636   Fax 519-583-2189


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